Stainless Steel Motorcycle Biker Dragon Ride Bell

Stainless Steel Motorcycle Biker Dragon Ride Bell

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Dragon Motorcycle Ride Bell

 A wicked looking dragon is on the front of this bell, with the tail wrapping around the rim.

 Finally, a true 316L Stainless Steel Motorcycle Ride Bell ®. This bell will hold up under all road dirt, grim, grease, and of course all the bad vibes and gremlins that the road can bring on. Being stainless steel, it will not tarnish or rust, stainless steel is universally known for its extraordinary strength and durability, which makes it perfect for the motorcycle life. Gremlin bell, spirit bell, angel bell or guardian bell, none are equal to the one and only true Ride Bell®. Comes with a velvet gift bag, the story and a wire/cable tie to connect it to the bike.  



  • SKU: RB49 
  • Design: dragon 
  • Height: 1.5 inches
  • Material: stainless steel 

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